Welcome to the Student Success Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help you easily access available resources to help students achieve their academic goals. It is part of a broader effort to enhance student success and well-being. This toolkit has been developed by LA&PS and adapted by AMPD, as a single, user-friendly resource, to help students stay healthy and support their academic progress at York. If you have a student in need of support or if you are student, please follow one of the pathways below to be connected.

Academic Success & Learning Supports

Are your students looking for ways to manage their time? Study and learn more effectively? Keep up with readings and course work? We all play an important role in ensuring our students have the right resources. Below are various supports and services to help students get the help they need and improve their academic performance.

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Student Well-Being

We all succeed if we help to foster a healthy, inclusive and supportive environment that encourages good mental health and well-being for everyone in our community.  Students will often approach faculty first about concerning issues or problems. Below are supports and resources to help you best serve students in need.

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Accommodation & Academic Consideration

York University celebrates diversity and values inclusion. Whether religious or other accommodations, we have many resources to help you evaluate needs, make recommendations, and determine next steps.

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Degree Completion, Careers & Future

Many students seek help as they approach their final years of study. Some need academic advising; others need advice on their next steps. The following resources provide support to students seeking guidance on how to advance their learning.

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Students in Distress

We all want to help our students succeed, in and outside the classroom. Faculty can sometimes be the only person students feel comfortable speaking with when they are in crisis. In other cases, faculty are often the first to notice changes in behaviour and academic standing. Here, you’ll find resources for students in distress.

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