Peer Mentor Network

AMPD & York have a variety of resources to connect you with upper-year students who are excited to provide you with support and assistance. Please see below the many opportunities to connect with someone in your discipline, academic support, or different areas of expertise and interests.

Student Success Mentors
Student Success Mentors are responsible for providing peer support by sharing information regarding your program and promoting services that assist in the development and attainment of student goals.

Find your mentors here:

Peer Academic Support Assistants
Academic Peer Support Assistants are responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of peer development programs designed to support academic performance and student engagement.

Name: Emma Pressello
Program: Theatre (Production)
Year: 2nd Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: I have the staff of leisure (oh and I’m a Leo)
Hobby: I like to run, work out and box!
Favourite Class: Stagecraft!
Favourite thing about AMPD: I love how it is such a unique and inclusive experience!

Name: Jessica
Program: Visual Arts
Year: 4th Year
Pronouns: She/Her
Fun Fact: At age 14 I received my 2nd degree black belt in karate
Hobby: I love watching ’90s movies
Favourite Class: Painting Techniques (VISA), Making Media (FILM), Community Arts for Social Change (ENVS)
Favourite thing about AMPD: It’s inclusivity and creative people!