First Year Enrolment and Transfer Students


Are you a First Year student? Visit your Enrolment Webpage here: Welcome to AMPD!

Are you a Transfer Student and/or an International student? Were you granted Transfer Credits? If so, please review your Advanced Standing Course Selection webpage for instructions.

The following webpage provides step-by-step instructions specific to your enrolment experience. We encourage you to start your journey with AMPD by reviewing the following steps to enrolment!

To view the webpage below, please ensure you have created a Passport York Account. To do so, please visit Passport York webpage.

This will be your student account, providing access to the Registration & Enrolment Module (and many more York resources).

  • Select ‘New Student Sign Up’
  • Create your Passport York username and password

Our dedicated team of Student Success Mentors ( are available to guide you if you have any questions!